NAB 2013: Fill-Lite To Give The Diva A Run For Her Money

Posted on Apr 9, 2013 by Alex Fice

Fill-Lite 200, the basis of all the range.

If you’re looking for a natural soft light for location or studio use, have a look at Fill-Lite. It’s their first NAB and they brought along their 24in x 27in Fill-Lite 200 the foundation of their product line. LED light is the source so you have low power requirements. The panel is very thin and sits in a yoke incorporating all electronics onboard. These include options such as manual dimming, daisy chaining to link fixtures, battery or universal power, DMX 512 for studio, and even an iPAD app for wireless operation. The Fill-Lite 200 uses a ‘combo’ light stand pin for baby or junior applications. The LEDs have been selected for colour and performance. It compares favourably with the industry standard Diva Lite.

Fill-Lite Studio.Fill-Lite 200 is their most portable model, excellent for film shoots, HD video, or still photography. But if you want more light there is the 51 x 59 inch Fill-Light Studio. Using four square lights, the Studio provides more coverage while maintaining the thin profile. It mounts to a junior light stand and connects easily to the top half, making one large soft light with four square light sources on a yoke that incorporates all controls and electronics.

Fill-Lite Wall.Lastly the flexible Fill-Lite Wall modular soft light product. The Wall starts with a single module, 27 x 53 inches, housing two light squares. These squares can rotate on two axes, horizontal and vertical, allowing the light to spread and wrap in any direction. The modular design allows for an unlimited number of flexible solutions, vertical as a wall, or horizontal as a ceiling, or a combination of the two. Individual light squares can be removed for wall mounting or set applications. All options can be easily controlled by the iPAD application, or by manual dimming.

Fill-Lite have to get their distribution sorted out and hopeful they won’t be short of distributors finding them at NAB.

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