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Posted on Jul 19, 2022 by Samara Husbands

Disney+’s The Mandalorian, BBC’s coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Games, Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of the classic 1965 Frank Herbert novel, Dune – what do all of these have in common? The answer is Virtual Production!

Virtual Production (VP) is a rapidly growing – and evolving – industry offering cost efficiency, reduced environmental impact and increased creativity opportunities as the boundaries to what is possible are pushed ever further outwards.

Mo-Sys Academy aims to close the skills gap in the virtual production sector with an improved extensive programme that has been carefully curated by its skilled team of virtual production on-set technicians, with an emphasis on small group practical learning in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Mo-Sys virtual production training will transfer knowledge, build confidence and give attendees valuable real-world experience.

Course attendees can choose between a 5-day Practical Introduction and the Full VP Foundation Course either delivered daily or weekly with a variety of dates available and delivered either at our London or Los Angeles offices.

Key take-aways from the course include:

  • Learn ground-breaking techniques working with LED volumes
  • Discover how to run Virtual Productions using Unreal Engine
  • Gain hands-on experience with the world’s leading camera tracking system
  • Understand lighting requirements for green screen and LED production
  • Create a valuable piece of Virtual Production for your show-reel
  • Broaden your network of like-minded creatives and innovators

With limited availability, demand is expected to be exceptionally high from broadcast and film industry professionals wishing to gain valuable virtual production experience, university lecturers upskilling and students alike for what is set to be the most comprehensive practical virtual production training on the planet.

Demand for virtual production has exploded in recent years and with that, the industry requirement for experienced VP talent has grown in equal measure. Mo-Sys’ Academy has the unrivalled experience and knowledge to guide students to the forefront of the broadcast and film industry.

“There has been a boom in virtual production, and the greatest challenge facing the industry is finding people who understand LED volumes, on-set pre-visualization and XR shooting.  These are relatively new techniques and there is a shortage of trained technicians who understand the unique challenges that come with this new and exciting way of creating content,” commented Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Mo-Sys Academy was created to address the skills bottleneck the industry is facing, and to transfer the knowledge Mo-Sys has gained over the last 25 years.”

Mo-Sys is also working with universities, such as the University of Sunderland who recently announced a major £1.4m technology refresh. Mo-Sys partner, CJP Broadcast Services, has installed state-of-the-art virtual production technology, making Sunderland a powerhouse with standout media courses which will benefit students for years to come. In support of this upgrade to the latest LED volume production technology and tools, Mo-Sys Academy provided Virtual Production training for university staff.


Nicholas Glean, Senior Lecturer in Video and New Media at the University of Sunderland added “This two-week course was brilliant! From the first day to the last it was packed with information and fantastic knowledge delivered by welcoming and friendly tutors in Juliet and Dominic. This was supported by experts who came into our sessions and helped us reach another level of understanding.

“I cannot recommend this course enough to university departments thinking about installing or who already have Mo-Sys technology. The course takes Virtual Production from theory into practical reality. Before the course, I had no prior experience in virtual production and was extremely nervous. After the course, I feel incredibly confident about working in virtual production.”


Operating Virtual Production Course

A 5-day course for lecturers, teachers and industry professionals covering Virtual Production workflows and a basic practical knowledge of how to operate some of the basic hardware and software for green screen workflows.

The course is taught either daily over 5 consecutive working days or weekly over 5 consecutive weeks on a particular day of the week and runs either from our London or Los Angeles offices. See the available course dates and locations below:

  • Los Angeles: 5 – 9 September 2022 (daily)
  • Los Angeles: 12 – 16 September 2022 (daily)
  • London: 5 October – 2 November 2022 (weekly on Wednesdays)
  • London: 6 October – 3 November 2022 (weekly on Thursdays)
  • London: 24 – 28 October 2022 (daily)
  • London: 5 – 9 December 2022 (daily)

The Full Virtual Production Foundation Course

A 10-day course for lecturers, teachers and industry professionals covering the full foundation of Virtual Production, including operating and setting up all hardware and software for green screen as well as working with LED volumes.

The course is taught either daily over 10 consecutive working days or weekly over 10 consecutive weeks on a particular day of the week and runs either from our London or Los Angeles offices. See the available course dates and locations below:

  • London: 12 – 16 September 2022 (daily)
  • London: 3 October – 5 December (weekly on Mondays)
  • London: 4 October – 6 December (weekly on Tuesdays)
  • London: 3 -14 October 2022 (daily)

For more information and to register for these courses, please visit the Mo-sys website.

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