Toolkit: April 2024

Posted on Apr 16, 2024 by Samara Husbands

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Our kitbag is full to the brim this month, with some explosive product launches and a couple of AI-powered solutions given special focus

Special price for new Light output of VELVET Evo series

Barcelona-based company VELVET, which specialises in LED luminaires for film and TV, has increased the light output of its EVO series, giving the new EVO 2 colour panel 1750 lux at 3m while retaining the trademark quality beloved by DOPs. 

To celebrate the new output, VELVET is offering a special introductory price until the end of April.

The new EVO 2 Studio has a final price of €1700, and €1950 for the weatherproof EVO 2 IP54 version (taxes/transport excluded), during the launch campaign.

The offer is available at all VELVET local dealers, which you can find at 

EVO is a professional natural soft light panel with a five-LED light engine, giving high colour reproduction (TLCI 96) with perfect skin tones.

Lightweight and robust, its housing is made from low-carbon recycled aluminium.

A weatherproof, IP54-rated panel with no fans offering silent operation, its efficiency ensures leading lux/watt and gives 100% light output even with standard camera batteries.

The user-friendly interface is controllable by DMX-RDM, LumenRadio CRMX, Wi-Fi Artnet or Bluetooth – or with the free VELVET Goya app.

Creamsource Expands Vortex Ecosystem 

Creamsource has unveiled the expansion of its Vortex flagship series with the introduction of Vortex Softs and Vortex24.

The Vortex8 Soft (V8S) and Vortex4 Soft (V4S) are high-output soft panels which seamlessly integrate into the existing Vortex line.

Offering 650W and 325W of output respectively, these panels are versatile options for filmmakers, supporting flat panel diffuser and open-face configurations.

The Vortex24, with 1950W of power and a 20° beam angle, enhances the lighting pro’s toolkit with pixel precision for nuanced effects, making it a triple threat in output, coverage and efficiency.

Designed for maximum performance, Vortex Softs can be mixed with hard panels
to create scalable and diverse arrays – these clever innovations display Creamsource’s commitment to high-quality, versatile lighting.

The Vortex ecosystem ensures hassle-free set-up, with CreamOS unifying the user experience – and the advanced Creamsource Colour Management System (CCMS) sets a new standard for colour precision, offering a preview of what’s to come in Creamsource’s 2024 roadmap.

The Vortex24 and Vortex Softs are available for pre-order, with shipping slated for summer 2024.

Ultra Panatar II 1.3x Anamorphic Primes

The latest additions to the Panavision optical family, the Ultra Panatar II 1.3x Anamorphic Primes, have been designed with the demands of modern production in mind.

These lenses offer a vintage Panavision anamorphic feel with vertical breathing, organic fall-off and a warm-hued flare.

Well suited for visual effects and virtual production, the optics deliver controlled distortion and consistent resolution across the field while covering a 46mm diagonal.

With an enhanced anamorphic look that provides the feel of 2x squeeze optics, Ultra Panatar II’s 1.3x squeeze maximises adaptability for different aspect ratios while meeting modern resolution requirements.

The lenses are available in the following focal lengths: 35, 40, 50, 65, 85, 100 and 135mm, all at T2.8, weighing between 2.63 and 2.9kg with a front diameter of 126mm.

ARRI Orbiter Beam optic launches

ARRI has announced the Orbiter Beam, the first beam optic in its LED lighting portfolio.

Its intensity level has a comparable output to the ARRI Daylight M-Series M18 within a tighter beam angle.

For the first time, these high-intensity values can be achieved with a high-quality full-colour spectrum LED source – making the Orbiter Beam the brightest full-colour LED spotlight on the market.

This parallel beam light is ideally suited to cinematic applications, either for long throw distances or indirectly bounced. 

Providing a strong, defined 4° parallel beam with homogenous light, it’s well suited to creating the illusion of distant natural lights, for example when simulating the light cast by the sun or moon.

The Orbiter Beam features a large aperture in a compact and lightweight housing, with the reflector’s diameter of 530mm (20.9in) similar in size to the M90 luminaire.

The two elements of the optic – reflector and snoot – can be separated and stacked for convenient storage and transport, while a unique manual hotspot adjustment allows variation from hard- to soft-edge light. No extra accessories are needed, as the light beam produced is already nicely focused.

Orbiter’s unique Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system allows the Orbiter Beam to be mounted safely and quickly. Any Orbiter running the firmware LiOS2 or later is prepared to operate the Orbiter Beam. 

Introducing the Rampart MXB-R1000

To meet increasing demand for portable, high-capacity power, Hawk-Woods has launched a new 26v floor battery, the Rampart MXB-R1000.

A stride on from the widely acclaimed X-Boxx series, the Rampart has been designed with DOPs, photographers and videographers in mind, ensuring reliability and continuous power supply whatever the setting.

With a compact, lightweight design, durable housing and LCD display providing real-time data on power usage and remaining runtimes, it boasts a 1000Wh energy capacity to keep your equipment running without interruption.

Nominal 26v is perfect for delivering clean power to demanding kit, avoiding a need to regulate voltage on other floor batteries on the market.

Removing the need to regulate reduces strain on the cells and improves battery longevity.

The Rampart is built to power dedicated 26v equipment, with power supplied via two XLR 3-pin outputs.

This Toolkit was first published in the April 2024 issue of Definition.

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