Quantel Show New Craft Editor 4x Faster Than Before

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Alex Fice

The Quantel editing interface as seen on the new Qube editorAt at NAB 2011 Quantel launched Qube, a brand new craft editor for its  Enterprise sQ server-based production systems. Qube delivers up to 4x faster performance in HD at a lower cost than its predecessor (sQ Edit Plus HD) thanks to CUDA GPU accelerated processing running on the latest integrated nVidia Quadro professional graphics card.

Qube is equipped with the latest 3GHz HDSDI interfaces. The 3G interfaces allow 1080p and Stereo3D to be transferred down a single wire rather than the two it takes today. The 3G interface is fully backwards compatible with existing 1.5GHz HDSDI infrastructure, so Qube integrates easily with new and existing installations.

Qube supports SD, HD, 1080p and Stereo3D formats. In order to deliver the best value to most purchasers today, support for Stereo3D and 1080p50/60 (with realtime playback) is optional on Qube. It’s easy to upgrade to Stereo3D and 1080p, making Qube a future-proof choice.

“Quantel’s Enterprise sQ systems already deliver the fastest production pipeline from ingest to multi-platform delivery, which is why they are the leading choice around the world for fast turnaround news, sports and home shopping channels,” said Steve Owen, Quantel Director of Marketing.

“At Quantel we always strive to give our customers the best possible products. Qube is a great example – thanks to the combination of commercial off the shelf hardware and unique Quantel technology, we’re able to deliver an editor that’s faster and more capable than ever before,” Owen concluded.
Qube is shipping now.

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