NAB 2013: Quantel Show 3rd Party Video Card Interoperability For The First Time

April 10th, 2013

The AJA Corvid card.Quantel has announced that its Pablo Rio high-end colour and...

Hollywood RAW

January 9th, 2012

Light Iron did the Digital Intermediate and Digital Mastering for David Fincher’s The Girl...

Rogers becomes first customer for QTube

August 16th, 2011

Rogers Media, one of Canada’s largest communications companies, has purchased Quantel’s QTube for its Sportsnet, OMNI and CityTV...

Quantel Show New Craft Editor 4x Faster Than Before

May 12th, 2011

The Quantel editing interface as seen on the new Qube editorAt at NAB 2011 Quantel...

Quantel’s QTube – Loving The Cloud

May 5th, 2011

Now in your best deep brown voice, ‘Imagine a world and wherever you might be in that world you could edit footage that...

Quantel Break The Marketing Mould and Get Formula One Branding

January 20th, 2011

Graeme Lowdon, CEO of Marussia Virgin Racing and Ray Cross CEO of QuantelQuantel is set...

Cinnafilm is revealed from behind Arri’s Relativity software

September 10th, 2010

When Arri’s scanning and telecine software Relativity was announced last year, the industry was hugely impressed with the de-graining and noise reduction abilities of...


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