Core SWX releases diagnostic B-mount charger

Posted on Sep 26, 2022 by Katie Kasperson

The MACH-Q4MBi uses diagnostic algorithms to effectively and simultaneously charge four B-mount battery packs

Core SWX has added to its Micro Intelligent Charger series with the launch of MACH-Q4MBi, its first diagnostic charger for B-mount battery packs. MACH-Q4MBi combines the popularity of B-mount packs in the professional video industries with Core SWX’s dedication to producing up to date, in-demand products. The new system prioritises power, claiming to fully charge four packs in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes.

MACH-Q4MBi comes with Adaptive Charge Control (ACC) algorithms that improve battery life and performance. ACC consistently monitors and evaluates individual battery packs; by establishing the correct charge based on age, cycle count, and last full charge capacity, MACH-Q4MBi balances rapidness with efficiency and minimises deterioration.

Core SWX has introduced two features that should provide reliable charging when you’re on the move. VoltBridge wireless monitoring allows users to view charge levels remotely using an iOS app, while SafeFly Standalone Discharge mode can reduce charge to 30%, ensuring safe shipment that satisfies TSA requirements.

MACH-Q4MBi is relatively compact, at 22.6 cm x 8.5 cm x 31.5 cm and weighing 2.27 kg. It’s available now at £1271. For more information, visit the Core SWX website.

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