Bebob: Power for all demands

Posted on Jun 28, 2023

Bebob presents the most powerful on-board battery range of all time

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WHEN IT COMES to long-lasting performance, reliability and consistency, the B-Mount system has proven unbeatable – especially for power-hungry cameras and lighting. Only on the market for a relatively short amount of time, B-Mount batteries and chargers are already considered to be the ultimate power source for a variety of usage scenarios.

As the inventor and developer of the system, Munich-based manufacturer Bebob has been working continuously on expanding the B-Mount portfolio – and is presenting a complete suite of batteries, adapters and chargers. This includes a brand-new power package: the B480cine is the most powerful B-Mount battery to date.


In addition to a market-wide unique capacity of 475Wh and maximum load capacity of 20A (continuous current, up to 23A peak load), the B480cine also scores with 14.4/28.8v dual-voltage capability and 450W continuous power output. This makes the newcomer an ideal power supply for particularly power-hungry 12v and 24v equipment – easily replacing additional large and clunky on-ground batteries.

As an example, the B480cine is capable of powering an Arri 200W Skypanel for two and a half hours. It is also ideally equipped to power the high-performance spotlights of the Aputure 600 family: with two B480cine, an Aputure LS 600D Pro runs with 640W in ‘full output’ and ‘boost’ modes for almost an hour and a half without interruption.


Thanks to its dual-voltage capability and broad range of adapters, the Bebob B-Mount range is suited for a raft of cinema cameras – from the likes of Arri, Sony and Red – and power-hungry lights.

Besides seamless integration and long runtimes, the portfolio includes two types of quick charger and a hot-swap battery, allowing even faster turnaround times and further reducing on-set downtime.


In addition to manifold benefits on-set, the Bebob B-Mount system offers great advantages in terms of both storage and handling. Compatible with cameras, lights and accessories from a wide range of manufacturers, the B-Mount interface allows all equipment to be powered by a single battery system – bringing significant logistical benefits for camera operators and rental companies.


Another plus point is the maintainability of all Bebob batteries: they are designed to be repairable and can be refitted with new cells if they no longer deliver the original performance after years of use. With this innovative concept, most of the components of the batteries can be reused – which not only avoids waste and conserves resources, but prevents Bebob customers from having to buy an entirely new unit, saving money down the line.

In this respect, the new B480cine, together with the rest of the portfolio, is sure to continue the success story that B-Mount has enjoyed to date.

Visit the Bebob website to learn more.

This article appears in the July 2023 issue of Definition. Read the full magazine here.

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