Roe Visual: A perfect blend

Posted on Mar 30, 2023

For a studio incorporating XR with live broadcast, NEP Sweetwater found the perfect solution with ROE Visual

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ROE VISUAL IS recognised as the industry standard when it comes to state-of-the-art LED products. That’s why NEP Sweetwater called in ROE Visual technology, combined with Megapixel VR’s Helios LED processor, to create the awe-inspiring set-up for Fox Sports’ new virtual studio. The volume comprises three LED walls made with Black Pearl 2V2 (BP2V2) panels. Over 5000 sq ft of LED panels are used in the stage.

Volume studios are an established technique for film and prerecorded TV. Shooting for live broadcast is a different proposition – nobody had done that before. When the team at Fox Sports Live saw the technology in demos, they wanted to discover what they could do with it in a live setting. The method lets you bring talent to any environment and get photoreal lighting effects on-set without having to key a green screen or pre-render complex elements like player graphics ahead of time.

The most significant switch from green screen to LED is the live component. The director needs to see a preview of the shot they are about to take. If the screen displays the correct background for one camera angle, the others will look wrong. The fact GhostFrame enables camera switching in a live environment is a breakthrough for broadcast media. It lets the director see the pre-vis of the shot the camera will take and makes a clean, safe switch between angles and virtual sets possible.

The Fox NFL Sunday studio features GhostFrame’s groundbreaking broadcast tech. GhostFrame combines four 60Hz video streams into a 240Hz LED wall. Once the engineering team syncs each background with the cameras, a director can see four distinct camera feeds, each with their own unique XR perspective – all in real time.


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ROE Visual LED panels are the premier choice for film and broadcast studios. They work with state-of-the-art driver ICs and components, which is critical for on-camera performance.

GhostFrame allows simultaneous dynamic images on an LED screen. A director can see four separate camera feeds, each with a unique background, all of which will appear in real time.

This article appears in the April issue of Definition. Read the full magazine here.

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