Rogers becomes first customer for QTube

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 by Alex Fice

Rogers Media, one of Canada’s largest communications companies, has purchased Quantel’s QTube for its Sportsnet, OMNI and CityTV stations. QTube will be used to breakdown geographic barriers by linking Rogers Media bureaux right across Canada so that editors can browse and edit media wherever it is stored.

Frank Bruno, Rogers Media Vice President of Engineering, said, “QTube removes the geographical boundaries of when and where we can create content. It allows us to cover breaking news and sports events in ways not previously possible or imagined. QTube empowers us with the ability to access and bridge our sQ systems globally using economical and readily available network connectivity.”

Bruno continued, “QTube’s intuitive interface and scalability, aligns nicely with our growing production needs.  Its elegantly simple execution by Quantel is underpinned by a genuinely innovative combination of COTS hardware with Quantel’s special know-how to produce a solution which can help us change the way our business operates for the better.”

Quantel launched QTube at NAB 2011. It enables fast, flexible workflows that span countries, continents and even the globe and allows media assets to be securely accessed and edited with frame accuracy from anywhere in the world. The Quantel Virtual File system (QVFS) gives instant access to content over Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology which enables adaptive streaming of media over HTTP. The Rogers installation is a Canada-wide network deployment.

Ray Cross, Quantel CEO added, “QTube is rapidly gaining traction in the market and this is the first in a number of significant QTube installations across the world. There is nothing like QTube out there – it uses highly innovative techniques and unique Quantel technologies to solve fundamental business challenges.  It allows our customers to access media anywhere in the world as if it was in their own office. Our customers can really exploit the power of the internet and their own wide area networks in media acquisition and editing for the first time.”

HD Magazine’s description of QTube


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