Toolkit: March 2024

Posted on Mar 24, 2024 by Samara Husbands

The latest in cameras, lighting and more!

Explore new cameras from RED, a lighting launch from Cineo & more in this month’s round-up of must-have gear

SmallHD Ultra 7

SmallHD’s Ultra 7 is an ultra-durable, ultra-bright monitor included in its Smart 7 Series.

The production monitor integrates with Teradek’s Bolt 6 wireless system, though it’s been engineered for any production environment.

The Ultra 7 can display up to 2300 nits of full-screen brightness on its colour-accurate touchscreen.

It also ingests up to 4K/30p video signals, providing detail down to the last pixel.

The IP-certified monitor is water- and dust-resistant and operates from 0-40ºC.

Shock-absorbing bumpers and raised edges protect from impact.

Add an optional quick-release sunhood that clips in place magnetically and has an antireflective felt underside.

A padded strap, micro battery plate and handles complete the set. It costs £2432/$2999.

Alfalite VP XR

VP XR is LED brand Alfalite’s newest solution: a mixed-reality ecosystem combining real scenes, CG 3D objects and immersive backgrounds into one neat package.

The 360º space synchronises movement between a scene’s subject and LED backdrop, providing more realistic scenarios for actors and audiences.

It makes life easier for directors, editors, location scouts and other crew, saving time and money pre- and post-production.

The Alfalite VP XR comes with Modularpix LED panels for quick installation and calibration.

The LEDs include ORIM technology, are resistant to fire, static, impact and water, and offer a viewing angle of 175° H/V.

The ecosystem integrates with popular VR brands, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Megapixel, Pixotope and Brainstorm.

Simmod Lens Simmount M42-LPL

Simmod Lens has launched a conversion system – the Simmount M42-LPL – for
Pentax Takumar lenses.

This adapts M42 mount optics to the more modern LPL mount, preventing them from unscrewing during use thanks to ProLock technology.

Once installed, this system firmly links body and lens with no wiggle room.

Pentax Takumar lenses are considered vintage, popular with filmmakers for their colour rendition, flare and distinctive bokeh, as well as smooth focus control and compactness.

The LPL mount – found on several ARRI, RED and Sony cameras – is designed to work with larger sensors.

The Simmount M42-LPL can be fitted by a capable camera owner or a qualified lens technician. It comes in at $189.

SmartSystem SmartCam Monitor SM7-PRO-3G

The SmartCAM Monitor SM7-PRO-3G by SmartSystem is a seven-inch monitor with 3200 nits of brightness, an aluminium casing and water resistance thanks to its Water Managed System.

That said, the SmartCAM isn’t entirely waterproof, so the monitor should be kept under a cover in inclement weather. It’s operational in extreme conditions, handling temperatures of -20 to +40ºC.

The monitor boasts a 1920×1080 LCD panel, 1200:1 contrast ratio and adaptive backlight management, which adjusts screen brightness depending upon the surrounding environment.

It’s fan-less (therefore quiet) and supports various forms of connectivity – from 3G-SDI to USB and XTPort to Tally.

The SmartCAM Monitor SM7-PRO-3G retails for £2390 and is currently available on back order.

Red Digital Cinema V-Raptor [X] and V-Raptor XL [X]

Recently released by RED Digital Cinema, the V-RAPTOR [X] and V-RAPTOR XL [X] are reportedly the first large format, global-shutter cinema cameras.

Both models build upon the original V-RAPTOR system, maintaining key features while offering increased exposure times, improved audio performance, extended highlights and phantom track.

Both cameras include RED’s Global Vision – a global-shutter sensor which preserves colour and detail with a dynamic range of 20+ stops. Another feature is the built-in electronic ND filter, allowing density to be selected in 1/4, 1/3 and full-stop increments.

The cameras shoot in 8K at 120fps and support CFexpress Type B memory cards.

They also come with optional new accessories, including RED’s Compact EVF Pack, Advanced V-Lock Plus and Gold Mount Adapter Plus. The V-RAPTOR [X] is priced at £30,480/$29,995, with the XL version costing £45,720/$44,995.

This Toolkit was first published in the March 2024 issue of Definition.

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