What happens in Vegas: NAB preview

Posted on Mar 26, 2024 by Katie Kasperson

While traditionally aimed at broadcasters, Vegas’ NAB Show has evolved to embrace a diverse array of content. We outline the stands and seminars for filmmakers to seek out this April

The annual NAB Show – or the place ‘where content comes to life’ as its slogan reads – is returning to the Las Vegas Convention Center this April. The conference, hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters, brings the broadcast, media and entertainment worlds together for four days of education and inspiration.

A tough act to follow, 2023’s conference celebrated 100 years of NAB. This year hopes to be even bigger and better, packed with a little bit of everything – from lively discussions on the main stage to seminars on post-production, AI, streaming and much more. New this year, the Creator Lab conference will spotlight the ever-growing creator economy, offering interactive experiences, workshops, expert-led panels and networking events to get involved with.

Whether you’re a cinematographer, editor, operator or AV engineer, NAB Show 2024 has plenty to see and do. If you haven’t already, register now and immerse yourself in everything the once-a-year symposium has to offer.


NAB Show is split into three pivotal categories: create, connect and capitalise. These pillars guide the show’s programming, urging attendees to innovate, forge new bonds and open themselves up to business opportunities. With hundreds of events on the agenda, it can be tough to fit everything into a busy schedule. We’ve compiled a list of must-see speeches and seminars – though there’s plenty more to be explored.

Cinema Lensing – Sunday 14 April | 9-10am | S228

Matthew Duclos of Duclos Lenses – a premier cinema lens facility – will deliver this engaging discussion on lensing and optics, and how they shape our favourite films and series.

Secrets of Editing the Perfect Video and Audio – Sunday 14 April | 11-11.40am | SU4154 (Creator Lab Theatre)

As part of the inaugural Creator Lab conference, this seminar will focus on the ins and outs of perfecting your videos, from cuts and special effects to music and the licensing involved.

Building a Production Company – Sunday 14 April | 11.30am to 12.30pm | S221

Self-taught filmmaker, director and producer AJ Bleyer will advise about launching your own production company – covering topics from crafting a brand identity to bringing in new business. Bleyer will draw from his experience of building the award-winning production company Advent Films.

Cinematic Camera Movement – Sunday 14 April | 1-6pm | C6945 (CineCentral Theatre)

A new fixture at this year’s NAB Show, the CineCentral Open Air Labs will host one-on-one workshops on dedicated technical topics – including cinematic camera movement. Each CineCentral event will offer engagement with an industry professional; this one will see pilots and operators from Lightcraft discussing various drone types, their distinct uses and relevant considerations – including safety. The seminar will also feature live flight demos to mimic real-world filming scenarios.

Decentralized Pictures and the Future of Fair and Transparent Filmmaking – Sunday 14 April | 4-5.30pm | Main Stage

The team behind Holy Smokes – winner of the Decentralized Pictures Kevin Smith Comedy Short Film Screenplay award – will share insight into today’s film and TV industry. Founded in part by American Zoetrope, Decentralized Pictures is a non-profit dedicated to discovering new talent and offering financial support. The panel will touch on its work and discuss the industry-wide shift towards greater creative democracy.

Image-Based Lighting for VFX and Virtual Production – Monday 15 April | 11.30am to 12.30pm | S222

One of many talks on VP, Image-Based Lighting will cover LED technology. Hosts Robert McLachlan, ASC and Snehal Patel will cover colour-accurate lighting, prelighting in Unreal Engine, video playback and 3D content.

Unlocking Creativity: Harnessing Virtual Production and AI for Next-Gen Entertainment – Monday 15 April | 12.45-1.45pm | S222

Delivered by AJ Wedding, founder and CCO of Orbital Studios, Post|Production World’s keynote speech will explore how innovative tech can transform storytelling. Wedding will showcase how Orbital Studios has blended virtual production and AI into its workflows, giving filmmakers the ability to create immersive worlds and characters.

Cranes, Dollies, Stabilised Heads: Motion and Movement Workshop – Monday 15 April | 1-6pm | C6945 (CineCentral Theatre)

This session will offer show attendees the opportunity to get their hands on cranes, dollies and stabilised remote heads – all in one place. Taught by camera operators, assistants and grip specialists, demos will include proper set-up and safety precautions.

#GALSNGEAR CONNECT Women’s Leadership Summit – Tuesday 16 April | 8.30am to 1pm | W208 & W209

Targeted towards women in the production industries, GALSNGEAR’s half-day programme will offer hands-on workshops and networking opportunities designed to give attendees a leg-up in their careers. The summit will begin with a welcome breakfast and opening keynote, followed by workshops in professional branding and sport storytelling, as well as a chance to update your headshot.

Practical Tips for Directors – Tuesday 16 April | 11.30am to 12.30pm | S221

Rarely are workshops targeted at (prospective) directors. Fortunately, this session – led by writer-director Maxim Jago – will include a range of essential tips, anecdotes and lessons learned in negotiation, communication and conflict resolution. Jago will share expertise on inspiring actors, planning projects and maintaining a singular vision amid the stress of an intense production schedule.

Virtual Production – Wednesday 17 April | 10-10.40am | SU4154 (Creator Lab Theatre)

This session will provide an introductory overview into the ever-evolving world of virtual production, covering its wide range of benefits as well as the tools and technologies involved.


Aputure – Stand C6719

Global provider of LED lighting systems Aputure has a range of new fixtures to showcase at NAB Show. From the Electro Storm to the Spotlight Max and the colourful INFINIBAR, each solution tackles a certain production need.

ARRI – Stand C6325

ARRI is a manufacturer and designer of digital cameras, lenses, camera accessories, archive technologies, lamp heads and lighting accessories. Along with offering exclusive technologies, ARRI Rental’s first-class services and equipment provide camera, lighting and grip packages to professional productions around the world. ARRI Solutions offers high-quality virtual and traditional production infrastructure solutions, as well as efficient, integrated workflows to a broad range of studio operators, producers and enterprises.

Bebob – Stand C6732

Known for premium camera accessories, technical innovations and proven quality, Bebob will be presenting several new products at NAB, including the MLmicro – a 14.4v battery with hot-swap and buffer functions and multiple output connectors. Meanwhile, fans of the Munich manufacturer’s Vmicro series will be delighted to welcome the newest and most powerful addition to the family: the V240micro. Another highlight at the Bebob booth is the CUBE 1200/700 multi-voltage, on-ground battery with a high output of 700W – perfectly equipped for powerful new lights such as the SkyPanel X21, SUMOMAX or Vortex8.

Brainstorm – Stand SL4097

Brainstorm’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly products address today’s constantly evolving broadcast and AV market requirements by providing cutting-edge real-time 3D graphics, extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio solutions. Established in 1993 – and with more than 3000 installations worldwide – its diverse client base includes production houses, film facilities and various other content providers.

Brompton Technology – Stand C2446

Brompton Technology is a market leader in LED video processing for the most demanding applications across virtual production, as well as VR and XR. The organisation’s innovations include the Dynamic Calibration approach to LED panel calibration and the multi-award-winning G1 receiver card for LED processing.

Creamsource – Stand C5516

Illuminating Hollywood with a range of lighting fixtures – including the Vortex, SpaceX and Micro Colour lines – keep your eyes peeled for Creamsource. Its products are robustly designed, meant to weather any storm, and provide either soft or hard light while maintaining brightness, temperature and colour accuracy.

Godox Photo Equipment – Stand C5735

Covering all bases, Godox offers solutions across photography, videography, cinematography and live streaming. A one-stop shop for productions, its product range incorporates flashes and lights, monitors, microphones, control systems and other accessories.

Hawk-Woods – Stand C7745

Hawk-Woods is a leading provider for cinema and video accessories, specialising in the unsung heroes making shoots run smoothly: batteries, adapters and cables. Compatible with major camera brands like ARRI, Sony and RED (now under Nikon), its latest product, the Rampart MXB-R1000 floor battery, will be a hot topic at NAB.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems – Stand C6430

An Academy Award-winning manufacturer, Kino Flo creates LED soft lighting systems for film, TV and digital. A superb choice for both traditional and virtual production, Kino Flo’s products include True Match – a firmware based in colour science which optimises LED output.

ROE Visual – Stand C4535

ROE Visual is the leading LED creative display manufacturer in the industry. With adaptive solutions for every scenario, it is committed to going the extra mile for any creative vision. NAB attendees can expect to see its LED walls in action.

Symply – Stand SL5135

From the initial stages of data ingest and acquisition in production, to post-production, VFX and finally delivery, archive and future monetisation, Symply offers a comprehensive range of storage options. Symply will be showcasing the Archiware, Hedge Canister and YoYotta – along with its Ethernet LTO range.

Tiffen – Stand C1446

Carrying a wide collection of brands – from the iconic Steadicam to Lowel location lighting to its own extensive line of filters – Tiffen’s history includes 80 years of innovative products, stellar customer service and recognised technical excellence. See the company’s legacy continue at this year’s NAB.

Viltrox – Stand C8732

Viltrox will unveil a new arrival: the AF 135mm F1.8 FE at NAB. It is the first full-frame, large-aperture, autofocus telephoto prime lens in the Viltrox LAB series. It will also introduce a series of cine products, such as the 25mm and 100mm T2 anamorphic lenses to complete the T2 set, as well as its latest dioptres.

This article appears in the April 2024 issue of Definition. Read the full magazine here

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