SONY Announce More Details On Their F65 8K Sensor Camera

Posted on Jun 14, 2011 by Alex Fice

The new Sony F65 Cinealta Camera – will be under USD$100K and will have Wi-fiThe Sony F65 camera was announced at this year’s NAB Convention and now more details have emerged about its performance, price and availability.

Price wise Sony are still being a little shy but have promised that it will be under USD$100,000. Availability is for this September and so an educated guess would be that a final product would be seen at the IBC Convention.

In the light of P+S Technik’s new announcement about their 1-450fps camera, Sony has announced that the F65 will manage 120fps at full 4K resolution – which produces an incredible data rate of 20Gbps.

Also announced as options and at a later date are an optional mechanical rotary shutter for reducing motion artefacts inherent with CMOS sensors. There will also be a T-Head product next year for remote and 3D shooting.

One of the big product announcements at NAB was the outputting of 16-bit RAW files from the camera. Well now Sony has announced that their SDK for the SStP, the open source SR compression scheme, has already been made available to companies like Apple, Avid, Blackmagic Design. So from the release date of the F65s you should be seeing footage entering the editing and grading world.

For pixel peepers the measurement of this brand new 8K CMOS sensor is 24.7 x 13.1mm which will generate for use 4096×2160 pixels. Putting it in the same realm as EPIC’s MX sensor.

Already mentioned at the new SR Memory cards which will start at about 1TB of storage.

Other details include the fact that the camera will be a Wi-Fi hub, something seen on other Sony broadcast cameras and a small point but important is that focus assist will be in full HD even up to 4x zoom. Power draw and connections should be the same as the F35 .

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