New Revenues With iPad Magazine Video Shoots

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by Alex Fice

Wired’s first motion coverMagazine history was made with a recent issue of Wired Magazine. This issue marked the first time a ‘motion cover’ was shot exclusively for the iPad. Starring Joel McHale, the app features a cover video and six short videos about ‘The Future of Television’. Adam Grossman, owner of Good Dog Media served as the DP and editor on the project.

“We produce behind-the-scenes pieces, interviews, advertorials, and most recently, feature content for magazines — particularly for iPad applications. Our typical workflow is HD production shot on cards, captured and edited in Final Cut Pro, and compressed to H.264 for delivery.”

“We had been running into a recurring problem for quite some time – it was taking us far too long to compress and deliver to H.264. We considered switching our compression software and moving away from Apple Compressor but no other option fixed our time issue. That’s when we discovered Matrox MAX technology and the Matrox CompressHD card.” said Grossman.

“Matrox CompressHD fits easily into our existing system and does exactly what it promises – accelerates compression time with no loss of quality. We really reaped the benefits of the CompressHD card on this recent project for Wired. Of course, less time spent on technical issues means more time for the creative process. The CompressHD card helps to give back some of the creative time that too often gets swallowed up by technical limitations.”

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