Toolkit: February 2024

Posted on Feb 14, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Your comprehensive guide to camera, lighting and accessories!

Level up your gear with these pioneering product launches, ranging from studio lights and filters to VFX tools 

Ikan Lyra studio lights

Ikan has launched two POE studio lights, which promise to simplify set-ups by minimising cable runs. Both the LBX8-POE and the LBX10-POE are single-cable, with one Cat6 RJ45 providing power to each, offering Art-Net and sACN DMX control.

The LBX10-POE is a ‘1×1 bicolour studio panel soft LED light’, according to the official product description. It’s adjustable between 3200 and 5600K, and boasts consistent lighting across all colour temperatures, with a beam angle of 110°. The light includes 97 LEDs and built-in barn doors with a 1×1 dimension.

The LBX8-POE is a silent, fanless, low-profile bicolour soft LED panel, suited to low-clearance areas. It also includes 97 LEDs and built-in barn doors, with 50W of POE versus the LBX10’s 85W.

The LBX10-POE and LBX8-POE models are both available for pre-order, with the former listed at $1299.

Zacuto Sony Burano Z-Finder

The Sony BURANO Z-Finder, made by Zacuto, is an accessory designed to work with the Sony BURANO camera. The Z-Finder replaces the Sony viewfinder and acts as a monitor or EVF, simply sliding and locking into place without interfering with the mounting arm.

The Z-Finder magnifies the LCD screen by 2.5x and offers a comfortable fit thanks to its large eyecup. It includes a dioptre, allowing users to adjust the focus according to their eye with a range from -4.0 to 0.0. Drop-in dioptres are also available for those who need an extra adjustment – fitting beneath the built-in aluminium sun mask, which protects the screen from extraneous light.

The Z-Finder comes complete with the BURANO loupe and dioptre wheel, two extender frames, a mounting frame, lens cap, sun mask, dust cover, two anti-fog discs and a protective boot. The package is priced at £499 and is currently available for pre-order.

Pheon Lux Air Lux 1x4ft Air Column Inflatable Light

Pheon Lux’s Air Lux is a self-inflatable column light with full-spectrum RGBWW colour at 100W. The inflatable light is lightweight yet powerful, supporting built-in LumenRadio and Bluetooth connectivity for control via app.

Air Lux’s colour software adds cinematic ambience to a set, thanks to its built-in gel library and special effects menu. The light handles temperatures between 2700K and 10,000K, with adjustable brightness from 0-100%.

The Pheon Lux Air Lux kit includes the light, controller, strap, Velcro handle, air pump, power cable and 7m cable, plus optional eggcrate and carry bag. Contact Cirro Lite to schedule a demonstration.

SideFX Houdini 20

Houdini 20 (H20) is the latest release from SideFX, a developer of procedural 3D animation and VFX tools. The updated version includes ‘hundreds of enhancements’ according to the SideFX website, such as improvements in modelling and geometry, as well as advancements in character FX like muscles, feathers and crowds. H20 also features new cloud tools, which combine with terrain and ocean tools to ‘create complete environments’.

A Houdini Engine works seamlessly with Unreal, allowing users to create animations and effects for shorts, features and video games in one place. To download Houdini 20, register with SideFX and try it for free. Depending on the customer profile and plan purchased, prices range from $499 to $6995.

Marshall VS-PTC-300 PTZ NDI/ip Camera Controller

Marshall Electronics has released a PTZ Camera Controller, allowing operators to manage multiple cameras at once using NDI and IP protocols. The VS-PTC-300 can control up to seven RS232 cameras, 14 RS422 cameras or 255 NDI/IP cameras at a time.

 The product’s minimalist layout allows instant access to camera controls and reduces time wasted due to ‘fumbling’, according to Marshall Electronics product integration engineer, Greg Boren. The display screen also doubles as a video monitor. “These small upgrades may seem simple, but camera operators will be thrilled with these changes,” promises Boren.

 The controller encourages users to adjust settings in real time effortlessly, providing dedicated buttons and dials for white-balance, exposure, shutter speed, focus, zoom, pan/tilt speed and more. Camera movements are completed via joystick, supporting one-hand operation.

To purchase the VS-PTC-300, visit

Tiffen ND/Polariser Filter Trio for DJI Osmo 3

Tiffen’s Filter Trio for DJI’s Osmo Pocket 3 CMOS gimbal camera combines neutral density (ND) with polarisation in one product. The result is a collection of glass filters that minimise glare and improve control of bright light without inducing a colour shift. The Tiffen Filter Trio includes one ND8/PL with three-stop reduction, one ND16/PL with four-stop reduction and one ND32/PL with five-stop reduction. Each filter is made from 4K HD optical glass, waterproof and anti-scratch coatings and lightweight aluminium filter rings. The trio also comes with a protective case and cleaning cloth. Purchase the kit for $80 and receive a ten-year warranty.

Tiffen Domke Sling Bag, PhoTOGS Vest and Tech Pouch

The new Sling Bag, PhoTOGS Vest and Tech Pouch from Domke offer photographers and videographers a solution for creating on the go. The Sling Bag is a single-strap backpack with six litres of storage capacity. It rotates for easy access and can hold various equipment, including a camera, three lenses, a tablet and other accessories.

The PhoTOGS Vest, a weather-tight, machine-washable outerwear, comes with pockets, mesh panels, zipper closures and a removable ID holder – perfect for press shoots. The breathable vest is padded and quilted, with adjustable waist tabs for extra comfort. It’s available in sizes S-XXL.

The Domke Tech Pouch is a compact, though spacious case for all sorts of accessories, including SD cards, USBs, batteries, hard drives and everything in between. Separated into pockets of various sizes and materials – including a secret compartment for Apple AirTags – the pouch efficiently organises all your equipment for convenience.

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