Leitz Expands Premium Cine Lenses Range and Will Promote New Primes and Zooms at NAB

Posted on Apr 4, 2019 by Definition Magazine

Leitz expands its range of premium cine lenses and introduces new set of Leitz Primes and Leitz Zooms at this years NAB in Las Vegas and Cinegear Los Angeles.


Lens manufacturer Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is showing their latest development, their Leitz Primes and Leitz Zooms for the first time officially at this years NAB and Cinegear trade shows after last years exclusive sneak peaks, where the lenses were still hidden behind glass.

Best known for their prime lenses, Summilux-C, Summicron-C, M 0.8, and Thalia, the company is now expanding with a new family of next-generation optics and is entering new ground with its first set of the premium Leitz Zooms.

The new lenses are available with PL- and LPL-Mount options including metadata interface Cooke /i and Arri LDS-2.

To even improve close focus abilities of Leitz Primes and Zooms new achromatic diopters Macrolux 114 have also been added to the product line up.

Like Macrolux 95, the Macrolux 114 will be available with strengths +0,5, +1 and +2. They will fit lenses with a 114 mm front diameter and are stackable to enhance the effect without adding any chromatic aberration to the lens. Additionally step down rings to either 110 mm or 95 mm have been designed to make the diopters usable on these front diameters.


Key Features of the Leitz Primes

• Color Matched with Leitz Zoom
• Breathing is minimal
• Distortion is exceptionally low
• Chromatic Aberration is not visible

KeyFeatures Leitz Zooms

• Color Matched with Leitz Prime
• No light loss (no ramping) over entire zoom range • Parfocal
• Breathing is minimal
• Distortion is exceptionally low
• Chromatic Aberration is not visible



For more information visit their website.

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