Fresh Aerial

November 27th, 2019

The UK aerial filming industry is booming, with plenty of innovation and even some new players. We hear the latest news.

Air force

July 23rd, 2019

Our annual coverage of the art of aerial cinematography sees more R&D and greater demands on what aerial can achieve.

Drones VS Helicopters

June 18th, 2018

Is it a question one of ‘one or the other’ or is it more complicated than that? David Baillie asks the question.

Swedish Drone Touches Down In Hollywood

April 11th, 2015

The new Aerigon Drone from Swedish company Intuitive Aerial Inc. The Drone wars are...

New Canon XC10 4K Hybrid Could Find Drone Home

April 8th, 2015

Some of you may have seen the preview of Canon’s new 4k, fixed lens camera in China –...


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