FotoKite Might Be The Drone Answer For Crowd Safety

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 by Alex Fice

Fotokite is a tethered drone solution.

Trust the Swiss to come up with an idea for Drones that would satisfy the PC crowd. Having said that Fotokite Pro’s tethered Drone makes perfect sense in an increasingly and fast approaching litigous climate for Drone owners.

Just a couple of days ago a slightly radioactive drone landed on Japan’s Prime Minister’s rooftop, a drone has buzzed Paris for days without the already edgy police finding the culprit and the White House lawn and ‘Buck Palace have already had their drone moments.

The kit comes with battery and a promise of a very fast ‘set-up to shoot’ time.If the drone epidemic is to evolve in public places with large crowds it is kit like FotoKite that will satisfy organisers that the great shots they are getting won’t be at the expense of safety. The only trouble is that the idea seems pretty easy to replicate.


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