Toolkit: May 2024

Posted on May 17, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Nifty new apps, the latest from ARRI and Godox, plus more gear news from this month

ARRI upgrades to L-Series Plus

ARRI has launched the next generation of its L-Series Plus, an improvement on its existing L-Series LED fresnels.

Offering up to 90% more brightness with direct network connectivity, the L-Series Plus provides a host of new benefits while retaining popular features such as continuous focus, a homogeneous light field and complete user control over colour and intensity.

An alternative to tungsten fresnels, ARRI’s original L-Series appealed to eco-minded users, with the LEDs significantly reducing power draw. It also boasted precise control over colour temperature, with white light fostering more realistic results across skin tones.

ARRI’s L-Series Plus LEDs come with either a five- or seven-inch fresnel lens.

Despite being about the same size and weight as the original models, they provide a much stronger output. The lights also blend self-cooling properties with a discreet, silent fan, ensuring shoots go uninterrupted. Compatible with existing L-Series accessories, Plus fixtures will be available from June 2024.

Pixotope releases Pixotope Pocket to wider commercial audience

Pixotope’s virtual production mobile application, Pixotope Pocket, is now available to all content creators.

The app, initially released exclusively to the Pixotope Education Program, revolutionises the VP process by eliminating the need for a fully equipped studio. Instead, users can create high-quality AR and VR content in real time – all from their smartphones.

The University of Gloucestershire is among Pixotope Pocket’s early adopters, showcasing how the solution provides affordable, hands-on experience to students and prepares the next gen of VP professionals. The app opens up possibilities for any creative, capitalising on its accessibility and low-maintenance approach. Users only need a smartphone, PC and Pixotope Graphics licence.

Currently available to iOS users, Pixotope plans to extend Pocket to Android platforms and other operating systems.

Blackmagic DesigN releases 8.6 software update

Blackmagic Design’s Blackmagic Camera Setup software – compatible with its Pocket Cameras and Cinema Camera 6K – has recently received an update to (public beta) version 8.6.

The upgrade introduces a range of new features, including a media pool file browser and additional networking support, allowing users to upload both proxies and original media to Blackmagic Cloud as well as DaVinci Resolve.

Additional benefits include upgrades to file transfers and clip deletion, more flexible media management, increased security, USB-C drive detection and more. The Pocket Cameras and Cinema Camera 6K can also be used as webcams, and support mobile phone tethering.

Blackmagic Camera Setup 8.6 automatically installs Blackmagic Raw Player, Raw Speed Test, Raw SDK and Raw plugins. Existing presets and LUTs will be deleted upon updating to 8.6 – Blackmagic recommends exporting them onto a card beforehand.

Godox adds to KnowLED panel offerings

Godox has added four new members – the P300R, P600R, P600R Hard and P1200R Hard – to its KNOWLED light panel family. Tailored for virtual production, the P300R and P600R LEDs offer accurate colour reproduction, high pixel density, calibration across units and multiple control methods.

Meanwhile, the powerful P600R Hard and P1200R Hard LEDs have an impressive output of 650W and 1200W respectively. Contained in a compact body, both are easy to install and accessorise, suiting various lighting scenarios and seamlessly integrating with the entire KNOWLED line.

Users can control all four panels with the Godox KNOWLED app.

Miller Tripods introduces SkyFX 9

Showcased at NAB Show 2024, Miller Tripods’ SkyFX 9 is a 40g-capacity fluid head, equipped with high-resolution pan and tilt positioning encoders as well as a 150mm claw-ball tripod attachment.

Built to accommodate larger lenses and camera bodies, the SkyFX 9 is fitted with an ARRI-compatible side-loading plate, boasts 16 counterbalance positions and supports seven +0 drag positions.

Also designed for use in virtual production, the magnetic encoders are non-contact, suiting real-time applications such as live streams and broadcasts.

An extension of Miller Tripods’ SkyX 8, the SkyFX 9 comes with a three-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind. Pricing and availability will be coming soon.

This toolkit was first published in the May 2024 issue of Definition.

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