SmallHD’s Sidefinder turns a monitor into a Viewfinder

Posted on Apr 13, 2015 by Alex Fice

The new Sidefinder from SmallHD is new although the monitor has been around for a while.

SmallHD introduces a new concept in on-camera displays. The Sidefinder is a high definition, fully featured, electronic viewfinder that boasts a new benefit: a 5-inch, fold-out, Full HD display for use as a field monitor.

SmallHD has been selling the monitor for a while but have just released the Sidefinder – it turns the monitor into a viewfinder, has a variety of mounting options, and you can still swing the monitor out. Comes with a little remote control so you can still use the user interface with the loupe attached. The monitor is very high resolution so as an EVF it looks great. Should ship around June for around $300 (sidefinder only).

“Our goal for the Sidefinder was a lofty one: create the best EVF on the market, and somehow make it affordable,” SmallHD co-founder Wes Phillips explains.  “It needed the highest resolution, the biggest diopter range, excellent battery life, minimal size and weight, a huge choice of mounting options and no noticeable lag. This pursuit eventually led us to a rugged design that also includes a 5-inch Full HD flip-out display—an unbelievable bonus. Throw in the software feature set we’ve created and the Sidefinder becomes two truly cutting edge products for the price of one.”

SmallHD think the real magic of the device is in its compact, ergonomic design. Its patent pending “folded” shape means a footprint smaller than many of today’s third party EVF solutions, while offering a much bigger screen boasting more than double the viewing area in most cases.

“The ideal field-of-view for a viewfinder is a highly polarized topic,” comments Dale Backus, SmallHD co-founder and product visionary. “Some want a large field-of-view to achieve accurate focus more quickly, while others prefer it to be smaller so that shot composition is easier and eye strain is minimized. The Sidefinder is the first electronic viewfinder to provide a highly adjustable field-of-view of 20-degrees to 40-degrees so that no preference is left behind.”

How the Sidewinder mounts the 502 monitor turning it into a viewfinder.Shooters also get to choose how they control the Sidefinder, it has been transplanted onto a tiny omnidirectional remote that can be mounted right at your fingertips so that camera operators never have to move their hand away from the camera to instantly see focus and exposure tools.

Shipping standard with a specialized side-mount bracket, the EVF can be fastened to any camera setup using a 15mm rod system, ¼-20 based EVF mount, NATO rail clamp, and even an Arri-style Rosette mount.

Using a built-in LP-E6 battery bracket, the Sidefinder accepts power from rechargeable Canon LP-E6 batteries. External power may be provided via D-tap using a regulated LP-E6 adapter cable, or from an AC adapter that also snaps into the monitor’s battery plate.


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