UK’s National 3D Training Announced

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 by Alex Fice

Phil Streather will host next year’s National 3D TrainingThe National Stereoscopic 3D Training Programme, Advanced 3D, has been announced by PLF in association with Talking Point.

The training programme will take place on January 25th at BAFTA next year and the 26th and 27th January at Twickenham Studios, Stage 1.

The programme is sponsored by Skillset and Sky with Onsight providing the bulk of the cameras, recording and monitoring equipment.

Advanced 3D is an intensive series of workshops and ‘hands on’ seminars for industry professionals by industry professionals.

With special guests and 3D experts the programme is led by 3D Producer and trainer Phil Streather.  Phil’s 3D producing credits include: Bugs! in IMAX 3D, Merlin Entertainments London Eye 4D Experience, Carmen in 3D for RealD and Royal Opera House and Meerkats 3D with Oxford Scientific for National Geographic and Sky. Phil has previously run master classes at NAB in Las Vegas, IBC in Amsterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Wildscreen Film Festival, Jackson Hole Film Festival, HFF Potsdam and 3D Masters BAFTA.

“Phil Streather knows as much about 3D as anyone else I have met in the UK, but what’s just as important is he knows how to explain it! This course sounds great. I’m attending.”  Sam McCurdy, BSC, DoP Street Dance and Horrid Henry.

Day one will be held at BAFTA for a maximum of 220 attendees. This day covers everything you need to know in order to decide if any project is right for 3D; whether it’s a commercial, a high end doc, a feature film or an ‘as live’ concert. And, if it is right, which rig to use, what about design and pre-viz, options for offline and online editing and much more…

Days two and three will be held at Twickenham Studios Stage 1 for a maximum of 35 attendees: DoPs, 1st ACs, VFX Supervisors, Editors, Directors and Producers – all of whom will need to have attended day one. 

These two days are intensive, hands on, practical 3D movie making; using all the major 3D rigs, monitoring, recording and post production tools.

Every day there will also be 3D screenings, guest speakers and drinks.

For information contact Helen Johnson at +44 7968 381288 or [email protected] or Phil Streather at [email protected]

Fees for the training days are (deadline 3rd January): One day only £250, three days £750.

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