Panasonic’s AC30 Videography HD Camera

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 by Definition Magazine

When we reviewed Panasonic’s AC90 camcorder it was like poking the bear of the videographer especially when we mentioned the possible lack of resolution. See our review and comments here

The AG-AC30 is a similar handheld camcorder designed for the huge videography market and armed with everything you would need to deal with most situations. Good low-light characteristics, many professional features and tools like its wide focal range (zoom 20x and 29.5 mm wide angle).

Its LED video light has two light filters as the colour conversion filter adapts colour temperature whereas the diffusion filter softens the light source. There is newly-designed 1/3.1-type BSI sensor which achieves a 6.03M effective pixels.


To help correct horizontal tilt and hand-shake blur the HYBRID O.I.S. + uses five-axis correction to suppress blurring from wide-angle to zoom shots. A Level Shot function automatically detects and corrects the tilting of captured images.

There are three manual rings of the camcorder (Focus, Zoom and Iris). The 2-Channel XLR Audio Input Terminals has one input positioned at the front of the camera and the other one at the back.


The double SD card slots enable concurrent recording onto two cards which provides an extra assurance in recording important events and for safeguarding against recording media crashes.

The now familiar Panasonic 3-type Slide-Retractable LCD of the camcorder has touch operation and serves as a high-definition, 460K-dot monitor and menu-setting touch panel. When not in use, it slides into the handle front. It also rotates 270 degrees vertically.

The AG-AC30 is available from September 2016. The suggested list price of the AG-AC30 is expected to be under €1,600.00

Besides the Focus Assist Functions (Expand, Peaking, Area Mode Function) and the Professional Assist Functions the camcorder has other features:

  • 20x Zoom Lens (F1.8 29.5-612mm)
  • 3 manual rings (Focus, Zoom and Iris)
  • Built-in, LED video light
  • Simultaneous and relay recording on 2 SD cards
  • 2 XLR audio input and HDMI output
  • Several Focus Assist functions
  • Touch Panel: 460K dots 3.0-type LCD
  • Cam Remote: Focus IRIS & Zoom S/S
  • 5-axis hybrid OIS and Level Shot function

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