NAB 2013: AJA Ki Pro Quad Recorder

Posted on Apr 8, 2013 by Alex Fice

AJ’s Ki Pro Quad, a new solid-state portable video recorder enabling 4K camera-to-post workflows.

AJA Video Systems announced immediate availability of its Ki Pro Quad, a new solid-state portable video recorder enabling 4K camera-to-editorial workflows. Ki Pro Quad enables a 4K/Quad HD/2K/HD workflow with the  Apple ProRes and RAW data in a compact, solid state recording and playback package that can mount directly onto a variety of cameras supporting workflow needs today and into the future.

Ki Pro Quad features include:

• 4K Workflows—Ki Pro Quad serves as a central gathering point for the main needs of 4K production; bring camera signals in and simultaneously create edit-friendly 4K ProRes files, output to 4K and HD monitors and record RAW data directly to a Thunderbolt-enabled computer/storage system.

• 4K and Quad HD Support— Help ease the transition to 4K with a recorder that creates efficient file sizes while still retaining pristine quality.

• More than 4K and Quad HD—Support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 recording even at HD and 2K resolutions, and real time scaling from 4K/Quad HD to 2K/HD. HDMI output allows connection to HD consumer monitors. HD-SDI output provides professional connectivity to high-end monitors.

• Debayering and Scaling—New hardware-based features include real time, high-quality RAW debayering, recording directly to 4K resolution Apple ProRes 444 or ProRes 422 files and real time scaling from 4K to HD.

• Streamlined Camera to Post—With the Canon C500: enable live debayering for immediate Apple ProRes 422 and ProRes 444 onboard recording and RAW pass through over Thunderbolt to compatible storage connected to a Mac system. With Sony F55: enable 4K 4x 3G-SDI baseband input and recording to 4K ProRes. With any SDI-capable HD camera: enable HD recording with cameras such as the Canon C300 with the added advantage of 10-bit 4:4:4 support for cameras like the Sony F3.

 The AJA Ki Pro Quad with a Sony F55 camera. The AJA Ki Pro Quad with a Sony F55 camera.


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