MSE Rolls Out New Mounting System

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 by Definition Magazine

The Freedom Car Mount System from MSE in Burbank, CA.

Matthews Studio Equipment’s Burbank manufacturing facility has just rolled out a new series of mounting systems for a range of shooting applications. First up Ricky RODS and the Freedom Car Mount System are now available, to support everything from car, truck, boat shots.

“Today’s production schedules are always severely compressed, putting pressure on the grip and camera crew to get it done – and get it done fast,” says Robert Kulesh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MSE. “We’ve designed several new supports that will allow you to do shots faster – and better.

“RickyRODS, example, cut down on wasted time on a shoot by cutting out the need to cut tubes to desired lengths for various uses,” he explains. “Originally designed as support for car mount rigging, we’ve found they are easy – and fast – for a wide variety of applications.” MSE has designed these tools in 10” increments that can be screwed together with 3/8” steel threads and female plugs and can work with other 5/8” rigging hardware.

While small cameras are in, many shooters still like to mount heavier cinema cameras on cars, trucks, boats – or even non-porous surfaces but are concerned about the weight. “Yes, there are different car mounts available today – but MSE’s come up with a couple of creative options that sets our Freedom Car Mount System apart,” Kulesh explains. “We have a 360 degree rotating grip head that is secured to your foundation with a 10” vacuum cup, cheese plate and MSE’s RickyRODS. The swivel head slides across two of the RickyRODS for easy positioning. In addition to rotating 360 degrees, this set up allows for a 90-degree swivel.” The standard hole pattern of the camera plate allows for mounting of a dovetail plate or even direct mount of camera.

MSE has created a Freedom Car Mount System kit that includes right angle adapters for more flexibility when trying to shoot a car wheel or that always-challenging passenger/driver profile shot. The large T-handle secures both the head and the opposite receiver simultaneously. Vacuum cups, grip heads, quick struts are also part of the package.

RickyRODS and the Freedom Car Mount System are now shipping nationally and internationally from MSE’s Burbank, CA location.


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