London’s Fifty Fifty invests in collaborative FilmLight workflows

Posted on Jul 10, 2015 by Alex Fice

Fifty Fifty, an independent post house in London, has installed Baselight PLUS, FilmLight’s complete grading solution. The package, which includes the Baselight system, Slate compact control surface and Baselight for Avid Editions, allows the creative team to work on render-free workflows.

The new system was quickly put to the test, finishing Gary Lineker on the Road to FA Cup Glory, a one-off 60 minute documentary produced by Goalhanger Films for the BBC. Shot on Sony F5, RED and Canon 5D cameras, colourist Kenny Gibb had around 900 shots to match and develop, creating the rich and vibrant feel the producers wanted.

At the same time, Fifty Fifty’s Julian Nelson was finishing the online. The advantage of the Baselight for Avid plugin is that it accepts the Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) colour metadata from the main grading suite and imposes the grade in real time. This meant Nelson was always looking at the latest version of the grade.

The plugin also provides access to all the Baselight toolset, in this case using a Slate control surface. This came in useful on this project – covering a late re-edit requested by the BBC – and it also helped for applying grading functions in the edit.

“During the online, our client wanted to blur out some branding and personal data,” Nelson said. “We would not normally do that in Avid, but by launching the Baselight UI inside the software, we were able to build layers on top of the grade, using the area tracker, inside/outside mattes and variable feathering that makes Baselight so powerful.”

As a facility working on long-form television as well as commercials, Fifty Fifty sees the potential of collaboration between editorial and grading.

“The round trip between Avid and Baselight is fast and efficient,” explained Nelson. “It is not just for huge projects, but anything where you need the flexibility and control to manipulate the edit and tweak anything afterwards.

“Working this way has provided much greater flexibility for our clients, and for our business as a whole.”


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