Guild of Television Cameramen announces GTC 2013 Awards shortlist

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 by Alex Fice

Nominees for the 2013 award are below

The Guild of Television Cameramen has announced the shortlist of nominee cameramen for its 2013 Awards. The nomination period included programmes transmitted from 1 January through 31 December 2012. Programmes transmitted since that date can still be nominated by GTC members for 2014 Awards.

“The GTC awards are unique in being made by broadcast television cameramen in recognition of the work of their fellow professionals,” comments Chris Owen, ITV’s Head of Cameras at The London Studios. “Awards for Excellence form the largest category, additional presentations being the GTC Seal of Approval for innovative technology and the Mike Baldock Award for working in difficult or dangerous conditions.

“Presentations will be made at an awards ceremony on Saturday 11 May as part of a GTC social event to be held at Upper Aynho near Banbury.

“The awards voting panel will be chaired by David G. Croft, former BBC producer/director and now Head of the Television Faculty at The National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield. The panel will include former winners of the Awards for Excellence, a former winner of the GTC stills competition, working cameramen, lighting directors and lighting cameramen.”

Shortlisted nominees for GTC Awards for Excellence comprise:

Graham Maunder for Ewan McGregor – Cold Chain Mission, BBC2 22 April.

Camera crew for Jules Annual Hootenanny, BBC2 31 December.

Christian and Paola Moullec for Earthflight, BBC HD 31 December.

Ben Cryer for Look North: Army Passing Out Parade, BBC1 and BBC Yorkshire 31 December.

Dave Minchin for Great Continental Railway Journeys, BBC2 31 December.

Nat Hill for Coldplay MX World, BBC1 27 December.

Bruce Miller and crew for HM Queen’s Jubilee Service, St Paul’s Cathedral, BBC 5 June.

David Higgs and Christopher Blauvelt for Restless, BBC1, 27 and 28 December.

Anthony Dalton, Sam Montague, Ric Clark, Simon Cox, Richard Maxwell, Arun Taylor and Micah Walker for Great British Bake Off (series), BBC2 (Love Productions).

Marcus Elliot for Heroes of the Skies – Wingwalker, Five 4 October.

Alan Almond, Sam McCurdy, Barney Batchelor Jessica Oxley Brian Bassnett, et al for Last Tango in Halifax (series), BBC1

Fred Scott for Atma Refuge Camp, Syria (BBC News), BBC1 26 November

Mona Eldaief and Jehane Noujaim for Solar Mamas (Why Poverty? series), BBC4 2 December.

Camera crew for Later with Jools Holland, BBC1 27 November.

Geraint Warrington for Daybreak: Ben Affleck interview, ITV 6 November

Tony Etwell for Grand Designs: The Water Tower, Channel 4 17 October.

Graham McFarlane for Deadly 60 – Venezuela, BBC CBBC.

Camera crew for Songs of Praise, Britain’s Biggest Hymns Big Sing, BBC 1 21 October

Nigel Meakin and Peter Meakin for Michael Palin in Brazil, BBC2 24 October

Camera crew for The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games: Isles of Wonder, BBC 1 and world coverage

Fabian Wagner for Mrs Biggs (Programme 1) , ITV 1 5 September.

Simon Richards for The Paradise, BBC1 2 October 2012  (Programme 2).

Paul Kirsop for Hunted, Kudos production for the BBC, 4 October.

Jonathan Young for Extreme World – Episode 1 Karachi, BBC1 4 September.

Jonathan Young for Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve, BBC 2 13 May 2012

Marcel Zyskind for Weightwatchers Commercial, Channel 4 1 January

GTC 2013 Seal of Approval nominee is the Sony HDVF-EL75 OLED studio colour viewfinder.

Mike Baldock Award nominee is Holly Bantleman on the ‘Raise the Roof in Kenya’ project.


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