Grass Valley’s New Camera Range Gets An Entry Level Flex

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 by Alex Fice

The new Grass Valley LDX Flex, the range’s entry level camera more for acquisition than studio work but can be upgraded to any of the higher spec’ed products.

Grass Valley has added the LDX Flex studio camera system as an entry-level product to its LDX Series of upgradable system cameras. The Flex has the same optical block as it’s bigger brothers — and supports the use of the same accessories as other cameras in the LDX Series for a single production format, but in a ‘BMW car’ kind of way can be upgraded through the entire LDX range: LDX Première, LDX Elite, and LDX WorldCam as required.

The Flex has been designed as an acquisition camera, for news/talk, corporate, educational, studio, and small mobile truck environments. On board there is a range of gamma and knee adjustments, a secondary colour corrector for two independent colours at the same time, and the choice of fibre or triax camera transmission using all the different versions of the 3G base stations, including the new XCU (eXchangeable Control Unit) WorldCam base station.

The LDX Series support the following formats:

LDX Flex: 1080i50, or 1080i59.94 or 720p50 or 720p59.94

LDX Première: 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

LDX Elite: 1080PsF25/29.97, 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

LDX WorldCam: 1080p50/59.94, 1080PsF25/29.97, 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

A simple upgrade advances every LDX Series camera to the next camera in the range.


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