Godox Showcases Advanced Lighting Technology

Posted on Jun 15, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Godox Unveils Cutting-Edge Lighting Solutions at Cine Gear LA 2024

At this year’s Cine Gear in LA, Godox showcased their latest innovations at the prestigious Cine Gear LA Expo, held at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles.

As the largest film equipment exhibition in the United States, the event attracts industry professionals and brands from around the globe for a few days of intense networking, learning, and the unveiling of groundbreaking film technology.

Exciting New Product Launches

At booth S5005, Godox revealed their newest additions to the KNOWLED cinematic series, captivating attendees with their advanced lighting solutions:

  • Beamlight MAX90 Reflector: Designed for the high-power LED light MG2400Bi, the Beamlight MAX90 features an incredibly narrow beam angle of just 5°, delivering powerful parallel beams with slow decay and exceptional efficiency. Its impressive size made it a standout attraction, visible from afar and drawing significant attention.
  • RGBWW Flexible LED Mats (F-series): These mats offer versatile lighting options, perfect for various cinematic applications with their RGBWW capabilities.
  • High-Power RGBWW COB Light (MG1200R): An evolution of the MG1200Bi, this model includes dual-colour temperature functionality with green-magenta adjustment, enhancing creative possibilities for lighting professionals.

Live Demonstrations by Industry Experts

A highlight of the Godox booth was the live lighting demonstrations by renowned DOP and director Travis Wears and Jameson Brooks:

  • Travis Wears: Sharing practical lighting techniques from his extensive industry experience, Travis provided invaluable insights into achieving diverse effects for different shooting scenarios. His sessions covered both the creative process and technical execution, benefiting seasoned professionals and aspiring filmmakers alike.
  • Jameson Brooks: Through showcasing several commercials filmed using Godox products, Jameson demonstrated their practical on-set applications. He highlighted how Godox’s innovative lighting solutions have enhanced his creative projects, offering live simulations of lighting setups that sparked engaging discussions on the latest trends in film lighting.

Engaging Activities and Raffles

To further engage visitors, Godox organised live raffle activities, giving attendees the chance to win exclusive products. This interactive element added excitement and drew even more visitors to their booth, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the event.

Godox’s participation in Cine Gear LA 2024 not only highlighted their commitment to advancing film lighting technology but also fostered valuable connections and knowledge-sharing within the industry. Their innovative products and engaging presentations left a lasting impression on all who attended, setting a high bar for future exhibitions.

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