Get Your Cash Ready! RED Owner Announces New Deposit Programme For Mystery New Product

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Julian Mitchell

RED Camera founder has been teasing Social Media recently by dropping heavy hints about a new product, one that is ‘something for everyone’.  Was he talking about the general public or is this confined to the film community? Most of his patents are eyewear and optics related, so a new compact laser projector perhaps?

After he had bought a couple of islands Mr Jannard might be moving into sustainable projects for resorts he might be building, salt water purifiers? Something to do with all this and drones?  There is a nice drone shot on his Instagram account on a island in Fiji.

Is it a conservation project as his wife, Misha, is an avid supporter of wildlife conservation? Something to do with VR in the wild?

Well Jim had got us all at it, guessing what is up his sleeve. Then this morning on he narrows down the target market, it is for the film makers after all .

“What we are working on is truly significant. It will change the way we all do things for sure. It will not save the planet, cure cancer or give one immortality. I wish we could do any of those things.

“The RED One did not save the world. But it changed the imaging world forever. This new project will affect everyone in a major way. That is about all we can do…

“I appreciate everyone’s support and belief that we are no longer a scam. And at some point we will be calling for deposits on something you know nothing about. :-)”


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