Drift Innovation Turn Their Camera In To A Dash Cam

Posted on Jun 13, 2013 by Alex Fice

Drift Innovation’s latest software update has turned their camera in to a ‘Dash cam’. They call it Car DVR Mode and is part of their latest firmware update ( for the Drift HD Ghost.

Drift cite the reason for this mode as the increasing number of end customer and corporate/fleet car enquiries for an easy to use camera system that could be used by drivers to capture video. In the event of an accident, video footage could then be used to support insurance companies and claims. An increasing number of insurance companies are furthermore providing their customers with insurance premium discounts if in-car cameras are used.

Car dvr mode copy 2

Car DVR Mode powers the camera on as soon as power is supplied via the USB port, so when you start your car engine when connected via a 12v car adaptor (in compatible cars).  The Drift HD Ghost then starts recording 1080p30 footage in a continuous loop style (Car DVR intervals), recording one loop after the next. Once the Micro SD card is completely full, the oldest “loops” will be deleted automatically and the newest loops are saved. The camera stops recording once the power supply to the USB port is cut or to put it simply, when you turn your car off (if connected via a 12v car adaptor).  Car DVR mode can also be used manually, so that loop recording is available for other users such as cyclists.

Optional intervals are 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min or 15min intervals. You can choose the preferred duration of the loop interval dependent upon the expected journey time.

Drift Founder Robin Parker said “This new Car DVR hands-off mode setting, compatible with the Drift HD Ghost camera, is really exciting for security and increased functionality. It provides drivers (and cyclists when used manually) peace of mind knowing that every journey they take can now be recorded automatically. In the unfortunate incident of a driver being involved in an accident, they can now have a digital video recording to help prove what actually happened and who was ultimately at fault. This feature is ideally suited for insurance and security purposes. It is simply common sense that all automobiles should be equipped with this technology today.” Combined with Video Tagging, Drift Innovation truly offers the most complete loop style recording features on the market.

Other features in the firmware update include:

1. Addition of Car DVR mode

2. Addition of Chinese Language

3. Camera ‘On’ beep added

4. ‘Video Tagging’ 10 minute interval added

UI Update:

5. Video playback icons added and playback UI more intuitive

6. Improved language translations

7. Ensure FPS below 30 when Wi-Fi on

8. While in HDMI mode, auto fade of screen data and icons

9. Improved battery indicator accuracy

10. Ensure no FW update with low battery

11. RF not disabled when Wi-Fi active


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