Canon’s Next Evolution

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 by Alex Fice

What is Canon’s next Evolution and where will it fit in to their increasingly wide video product line?An invite on the first day of the NAB 2012 Exhibition from Canon evoke’s the next step in their latest video evolution. So what is it? All the signs are that the product will be the 4K DSLR that was shop windowed at the worldwide launch of their C300 video camcorder last November. Will this be the camera that people hoped the 5D Mk3 was going to be, recent murmerings from the blogisphere claims that Mk3 isn’t a huge improvement video wise on Mk2. Conspiracy theorists might see that this limited improvement on a classic heralds the way for the 4K model. If it is 4K then it will be the hit of the show. It will be priced middle distance between 5D Mk3 and C300 and perhaps push out RAW.

Keep watching for more via our NAB Digital Dailies.


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