Canon improves XF205 functionality with 
free firmware update

Posted on Apr 21, 2015 by Definition Magazine

Canon’s XF205 camcorder now has a new free firmware update to help low light shooting and later this year to enable video streaming.

With all the talk of new gear Canon has dropped some new firmware for its XF205 HD camcorder, which they claim improves the camera’s noise ratio in low light conditions. The camera also becomes another to be enabled for live streaming of content over IP networks, a feature enabled from user’s requests.

This free firmware update, available now, will enable a new image-quality setting. Users can select from the current default setting, which prioritises the camera’s high-resolution shooting, or the new setting, which gives priority to capturing video footage with reduced noise.


An additional firmware update, available from late June 2015, will enable the XF205 to steam video footage over IP networks. By enabling this feature, users will be able to transfer live footage to news programmes and video-sharing websites. Additionally, the new firmware will allow the XF205 to work with Fujitsu’s video transmission equipment – the Fujitsu Network IP-900IID and IP-920D HD/SD Compact Video Decoders – as well as software supporting IP streaming.

In addition the new firmware will also enable XF205 users to take advantage of two new recording features. Firstly, when recording in MP4 format, videographers will be able to use slow and fast motion recording – slowing down action up to 40 percent, or speed up video by up to 250 percent.

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