Blackmagic Design’s Re-invention of Teranex

Posted on May 16, 2012 by Alex Fice

Perhaps the biggest story of Blackmagic Design’s NAB2012, the re-invention of TeranexIn the last couple of years Blackmagic Design has been on the acquisition trail. First the venerable da vinci grading tool was given a new lease of life and a new price bracket. Now another highly thought of but perhaps too expensive product range from Teranex has had the same re-launch and re-invention.

After the acquisition Blackmagic Design commenced a product review process, and designed two new models of Teranex processors that would improve on the VC100 design that Teranex had been selling for the previous few years. The new models add improvements such as reduced size, quieter operation, new connection with technologies such as HDMI, Analog, upgraded 3 Gb/s SDI, independent AES/EBU and balanced analog audio connections, as well as adding new Thunderbolt technology.

The new Teranex 2D and 3D Processors also take advantage of the latest advances in electronic components and assembly techniques, which has resulted in a dramatically more affordable design for the customer. These new models do not reduce the processing quality of the famous Teranex conversions in any way, and the result is a design that allows customers to use Teranex processing for many more tasks than would have previously been possible.

An example of the significance of this change is one month prior to the Blackmagic Design acquisition, Teranex Processors could cost US$90,000, while now the same conversion, but with better I/O options, in a smaller quieter design with Thunderbolt, is only US$3,995!

There are now two new models with different features. The Teranex 2D Processor is a single processor model that offers all conversions in 4:2:2 quality in a single channel. The Teranex 3D Processor model features dual processors so can easily handle dual channel conversions for full resolution 3D processing, as well as 4:4:4 quality.

These new models still feature the same high quality processing, including up conversion, down conversion, SD/HD cross conversion, SD/HD standards conversion, cadence detect and remove, noise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion, smart aspect, timecode conversion, subtitle conversion, 16 channel audio, test signals and more. The Teranex 3D Processor model includes all this as well as 3D camera align, 3D dual stream standards conversion, 3D format conversions and incredibly realistic 3D simulation.

They also include the latest Thunderbolt technology for full capture and playback support. This means both models of Teranex processors will operate as advanced capture and playback solution for editing, design and broadcast paint. These new Teranex processors will replace the company’s Multibridge products.

The Teranex 2D Processor will retail for US$1,995 and be available in June 2012, while the Teranex 3D Processor model will retail for US$3,995 and be available in July 2012.


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