New Micro HD High Speed Camera

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 by Alex Fice

CROSSCAST’s new high speed HD camera is the 1050 for 1,050 frames a second.

Cologne-based CROSSCAST has today released their new XCAM 1050, a full HD high-speed micro camera capable of up to 1,050 frames per second playout. The XCAM 1050, a second generation high speed camera, was designed to integrate into multi camera broadcasting and filming environments. They also released two new long awaited developments: Focus/Iris-Control unit and a Fiber Adaptor unit. CROSSCAST also claim that the XCAM 1050 can save up to 65% of production costs compared to other high speed camera systems, due to the camera’s built-in high speed playout capability, no external equipment is needed for the use of a system in live production.

Main features are:

XCAM 1050 – Built with global shutter CMOS sensor technology, the XCAM 1050 is capable of up to 1050fps (350fps shot natively) high-speed and live output simultaneously. The camera head weights only 128g, while its outer dimensions measure 53x42x44 (L x W x H). The system fits onto lightweight camera cranes, such as a Polecam.

Focus/Iris-Control – The control unit attaches to the XCAM and controls the position of the focus and iris rings on the lens, with the ability to recognise and re-position precise locations. It can be controlled via the Crosscast OCP and is compatible to the Chrosziel and CMotion systems.

Fiber Adaptor – The multi-camera fiber adaptor extends the camera up to large distances from the production environment. Functions using full video output on two channels (Live and high speed playout) and full serial connection for shading and high speed operation.

The XCAM 1050 camera system guarantees media professionals the ability to capture shots from unique camera angles, which can been seen on the demo reel at CROSSSCAST’s website: 

Units are available for sale and for rent. 


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