Native File Viewer Supports Arri RAW, DPX and DNG

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 by Alex Fice

The HD-VU2 native file viewer

Use it in conjunction with almost any camera card in the industry and sync your external audio as well. HD-VU2 also has a colour correction option to temporarily apply a LUT to your files. With HD-VU2 you can check your files and shots from the set without wasting valuable time transcoding them.

HD-VU2 can be used to instantly preview clips in their original form. This ‘all-in-one’ player could be a great addition to any filmmakers toolkit because it doesn’t waste time transcoding the files. Files can be grouped into a playlist for quick searches and organisation. HD-VU2 displays time in various forms with useful metadata and playback can be controlled with keystrokes or a mouse.

HD-VU2 at a glance!

•supports image sequence formats like ARRI RAW, DPX and DNG

• link and unlink individual and groups of videos

•GPU acceleration and the ability to scale high res files like RAW and RED

•ability to apply preview LUTs during playback

•time representation selections for easier matching to other applications

HD-VU2’s landing page at Imagine Products


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