FilmLight’s Baselight Add A PLUS

Posted on Nov 5, 2013 by Alex Fice

FilmLight has packaged together a new Baselight system the ‘Plus’

Colour grading developer FilmLight is offering its users a new workflow option for ‘uncompromised’ grading. Baselight PLUS is supplied as a complete package — including installation if required — with options for editors and with hardware and software support at a new price point.

At the heart of the package is the Baselight software, capable of 4K real-time grading. The software is bundled with a Supermicro tower, including 24TB of internal RAID storage and 2TB of SSD for fast non-linear access.

Control is through the FilmLight Slate panel. Using the same technology as on the Blackboard 2 control surface, Slate provides the same adaptive keys; the same wear-free limitless encoders; the same display screens and responsive trackball system—all in a compact form.

Also included in the bundle are two licenses for Baselight Editions, grading plug-ins which reside inside Avid (Mac or PC) or Final Cut Pro editors. Baselight Editions support round-tripping with full Baselight systems, meaning that no rendering time is needed to export grade metadata back into the editor. Grades can be tweaked and adjusted in the edit suite, or round-tripped non-destructively to the colour room. Baselight Editions support all the functionality of the full system, so even sophisticated grading techniques like shapes, tracked objects and secondary colours are seen. Baselight Editions includes FilmLight’s Truelight software to ensure monitors are consistently calibrated.

The complete package, including the latest Baselight 4.4 release, and a year’s Software and Advanced Hardware support, is just $65k.

“What we are doing with Baselight PLUS is making it simple for post houses to add comprehensive and sophisticated colour grading,” said Wolfgang Lempp, co-founder of FilmLight. “Boutique edit houses can now add top class grading, and our existing users can add capacity quickly. With Baselight PLUS they can do it easily and cost-effectively yet still get the best grading environment in the business. We believe this package will see facilities realising the benefits of our products.”


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