Crowdfunding Will Seek To Bring 4K to the T-CAM This Year

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Definition Magazine

The implementation of a 4K sensor for the Weisscam T-Cam will hopefully happen this year through Crowd FundingThroughout NAB in Las Vegas, the T-CAM received extremely positive feedback along with a huge demand for the 4K sensor – something that was shown at the exhibition as a non-functional prototype.

Originally scheduled for implementation in 2013, WEISSCAM has now decided to bring this forward with the help of the additional investment capitol through Crowdfunding.

“Because of the strong interest and astonishing number of requests we received for the 4K sensor, we think it is the right way to go and really want to do this asap. And in order to help the push for more rapid development, we have decided to look to the public for their support through Crowdfunding beginning this June. For us, this is a completely new and exciting means of financing. And if successful, it should mean that we can speed development of the 4K version of T-CAM for release this year.”, says WEISSCAM’s CEO Stefan Weiss.

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