Women in Virtual Production

Posted on Apr 10, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Increase the volume

WiVP is a new initiative designed to amplify the voices of women working in virtual production & create opportunities for career development. We find out more from co-founder Christina Nowak

Words Nicola Foley

The film and television industry is plagued by a lack of gender diversity, particularly behind the scenes.

According to the BFI, men made up 69% of credited crew in off-screen roles over the previous decade, with an even starker disparity in sectors like visual effects, where women make up just 2.9% of supervisors.

As virtual production matures, dramatically reshaping workflows and the way content is created, could there be an opportunity for a paradigm shift? Many think so – but for that to happen, a commitment to gender diversity needs to  be embedded and championed.

Enter Women in Virtual Production (WiVP), a new initiative spearheaded by Christina Nowak (former head of VP at Anna Valley) and marketing specialist Catherine Crawley, who serves as community and content manager.

“WiVP is an essential initiative aimed at creating a supportive community and fostering professional development for women in the virtual production industry,” sums up Nowak. “This platform offers valuable networking opportunities, educational events and insightful discussions, which address the need for greater representation and support for women
in this field.” 

As well as providing a hub for networking and collaboration, WiVP showcases inspiring productions and projects utilising VP across film, TV and gaming.

Through in-depth case studies and discussions, the group highlights the contributions of female talent and filmmakers, amplifying their voices and achievements to the wider industry.

WiVP envisions making a positive impact, generating opportunities for women in virtual production through strategies including education and skill development, community building and networking.

Its remit also covers advocating greater representation and visibility for women in the field through awareness campaigns and efforts towards creating a much more inclusive and equitable environment. “Sometimes, the gaps and limitations can prove equally as constraining as our network or our work environment. So this platform has been built in order to break through that glass ceiling,” Nowak points out. 

“Our overarching goal with WiVP is to establish a strong and supportive environment for women in virtual production. Here, they can showcase their work and talent, learn from peers, and continue to thrive in their careers independently. WiVP is committed to driving positive change and increasing the representation of women in the industry in a meaningful way – by supporting one another authentically.” 

There are many ways to get involved and support the cause, from contributing skills and expertise to helping spread the word and sharing job opportunities within the network. Connect with WiVP on LinkedIn to find out more and get news on upcoming events. 

This feature was first published in the April 2024 issue of Definition.

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