New Gear: Panpilot Steady Cam and Tripod System

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 by Alex Fice

Panpilot mixes Steadicam moves with the ability to ‘locked off’ for tripod useThe Panpilot Steady Cam and Tripod is a weighted counter balanced system designed for all video and DSLR cameras up to eight pounds and sits only 18 inches off a surface. The Panpilot also has a tripod capability to take locked stable shots.  Accessories can be upgraded to your Panpilot including a 7 inch HD monitor that is the largest in the industry. Inventor Eric Smith has spent hundreds of hours on the sets of Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Fox, CBS, NBC, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney.  “Acting in Hollywood in front of the camera and working at Cox Media as a Television Commercial Producer behind the camera gave me the experience to invent such a useful steady cam for the novice to pro user”.

“I learned a lot working in front of the camera with the actors by studying camera angles and the shots that the pros take.  I also learned a lot behind the camera at Cox Media working as a Television Commercial Producer by developing a commercial from the start of the script to shooting with the Panpilot and then taking the footage to the edit bay.   I also quickly found out that I could use the Panpilot in almost every shot and every scene”.   The Panpilot comes with a 1 year warranty / parts and labour in the USA.


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