Creamsource Changes the Game

Posted on Feb 13, 2024 by Samara Husbands

The Vortex Unleashed: Vortex Softs and Vortex24

Explore Creamsource’s latest innovations with the Vortex Softs and Vortex24, providing high-output soft panels and powerful lighting solutions that enhance versatility for filmmakers

Creamsource has unveiled a significant expansion to its flagship Vortex series with the introduction of Vortex Softs and Vortex24, marking a strategic move towards diversification in both function and scale, reinforcing Creamsource’s commitment to delivering high-quality, versatile lighting solutions to the global filmmaking community.

The Vortex8 Soft (V8S) and Vortex4 Soft (V4S) are designed as high-output soft panels equipped with the trusted RRGBBW colour engine to maintain the build-quality and user interface that lighting professionals appreciate.

The Vortex Softs, with 650W (V8S) and 325W (V4S) output, offer a dedicated soft light source for flat panel diffuser and open-face configurations, which accommodates seamless integration with Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels, enabling the creation of scalable and diverse arrays for on-the-fly virtual focus adjustment.

The Vortex Softs find versatile applications in space-constrained studios, outdoor broadcasts, and news, with a 48V DC power input for battery-powered operation on location and an IP65 rating ensuring resilience against the elements.

What the audience wants

Creamsource’s Vortex24 emerges in response to customer feedback for a larger, powerful lighting solution.

With 24 directional pixel zones, this new addition enables nuanced lighting effects, making it suitable for intricate image-based lighting scenarios.

Drawing 1950W power, the Vortex24 offers triple the output of the Vortex8 while maintaining the high-quality standards.

Its compact design, built-in ballast, and networking simplicity with dual Ethernet ports facilitate easy storage, integration into truck packages, and efficient light array management.

The Vortex24 also allows for quick adjustments with a front latch system, including a medium flat diffuser for immediate light softening.

Preliminary specifications showcase impressive photometrics, a 20° beam angle, and a weight of 53.5kg, making it a powerful yet versatile addition to any production setup.


The Vortex Ecosystem complements these advancements, offering a seamless integration experience with solutions like the LNX mounting system and versatile multi yokes.

CreamOS unifies the user experience across the Vortex series, and the IP65-rated weatherproof design ensures durability.

The Vortex Ecosystem, with a 5-year warranty, provides gaffers, lighting console programmers, and filmmakers with the freedom to explore diverse lighting options and controls.

Creamsource’s latest innovations in the Vortex series reflect their dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of filmmakers, studios, and production companies worldwide.

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