Shotover: By land, sea & air

Posted on Apr 21, 2020 by Definition Magazine

In terms of both functions and range of use, Shotover’s bulletproof B1 gimbal system checks all the right boxes 

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In 2019, Shotover Camera Systems celebrated its tenth anniversary with the launch of its latest system, the ultra-compact and lightweight Shotover B1. The company debuted the six-axis gyro-stabilised camera system at last year’s NAB Show, by mounting it to the front of a small two-seat helicopter called the Guimbal Cabri G2. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of markets, including production, live broadcast, industrial survey and surveillance, the B1 is the most compact and agile aerial camera system on the market today. 

“I have never used a better-suited piece of equipment than the Shotover B1”

Since its launch, the B1 has been utilised on a variety of small and low-cost aircraft, including Robinson helicopters and Cessna aeroplanes, providing operators with a cost-effective method for capturing ultra-high definition aerial footage. San Diego-based digital cinema company, Tempt Media, was the first to fly the system mounted to an R44 helicopter. “This system opens up a huge opportunity to allow your client and director to be on board the helicopter to make sure you capture what they are looking for,” says Tempt Media creative director, Eric Everly. “Innovation is key, and Shotover never stops innovating.” 

The system can also be mounted on ground-based platforms and watercraft, and was recently put to the test by Salt + Air Studios while mounted on the back of a jet ski. The company, led by legendary cinematographer, Mike Prickett, travelled with the B1 to some of the most well-known surfing locations around the globe, including Nazaré in Portugal and Pe’ahi on the north shore of Maui, with the goal of capturing the biggest waves in the world. “I have never used a better-suited piece of equipment than the B1,” says Prickett. “It is so small and compact; I could get right into the action and be immersed with the athletes while controlling it from the safety of the beach.”

Shotover B1
IMAGES The Shotover B1 can be mounted on a variety of aircraft, such as helicopters and planes

Like all of Shotover’s six-axis systems, the B1 features Academy Award-winning six-axis stabilisation technology, providing unique look-down capability and functionality. Coupled with 24/7 service and support, the open platform design of the system allows users the flexibility and creative freedom to choose the right payload to fit their needs. 

“The B1 is small and compact; I could get right into the action while controlling it from the safety of the beach”
The Shotover B1
ABOVE The Shotover B1 can also be mounted on ground-based platforms and watercraft, as shown here, where it’s mounted on the back of a jet ski

The system comes with a five-year warranty that includes preventative maintenance and software updates. Additional features include integration with Churchill moving map platforms, angled front window for brilliant imagery without reflections, and exceptional low-light and daylight performance.

For more information on the next-generation B1 camera system, visit SHOTOVER’s website at:

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