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Posted on Apr 21, 2020 by Definition Magazine

Increasingly advanced LED lights are all well and good, but without the ability to rig them exactly how and where you need them, they aren’t much use at all. Thankfully, Quasar Science has been refining just that

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Colour, connectivity and output seem to dominate most of the discussion about LED lighting technology, but the new Ossium Mounting System from Quasar Science focuses on an altogether more practical applications – rigging the lights. 

With tubular or linear LED lights for instance, it’s all about getting them into odd places and positions other lights can’t achieve. The Ossium, which is Latin for bones, provides a skeletal framework needed to place lights in just the right spot, build larger arrays and attach them to virtually anything. Come time of the shoot, you’ll be looking at ultimate control.

Developed in collaboration with G-Force Grips, which is a specialist in hardware design, the system is made up of interlocking pieces that locate rigging points almost anywhere on its structure and serve as the structural backbone for stacking multiple lights together. 

From the company’s earliest days, Quasar has had modularity at the forefront of its mind, and its most recent innovations are no exception. The new RR and Rainbow 2 LED Lights are the first to come with the Ossium Rail mounted down the back. Designed with ¼in-20 screws and a Nato profile, the Rail opens up the possibilities for more attachments. 

Ossium Mounting System
ABOVE The Ossium Mounting System is made up of interlocking pieces and provides a skeletal framework for mounting lights in the right spot

The first piece to showcase the capabilities of the system is the Slider, built to hug and travel along the Rail, locking anywhere end to end. The Slider has 3/8in and ¼in-20 screws placed for the next two accessories. First, there’s the Pin, a 5/8in baby pin that attaches to the Slider or straight to the Rail itself. Second, there’s the Rotator, which is fashioned like a small grip head, designed for attaching along industry-standard 5/8in or 3/8in pins and rods, such as a C-Stand arm. The Rotator also adds another axis to positioning Quasar lights, unlocking yet more options.

The Ossium system
ABOVE The Ossium system is compatible with a range of accessories, making it easy to tailor the array to fit your needs

Elsewhere, The DC-Plate is built with a V-Lock battery adapter and fixes anywhere on the system for run-and-gun filming. So, whatever the requirement, the versatility of the Ossium system means more possibilities than ever before. Then we move up to multi-bank Ossium Hardware that joins many lights into one. The Ossium Frame forms a large panel-style array for either RR or R2 lights at six and 12 lamps respectively. 

“The versatility of the Ossium system means more possibilities than ever before”

Last, the Ossium Blocks link lights together to form smaller arrays in single-, two-, four- and six-bank configurations, depending which light you choose. The Blocks expand rigging potential and provide access to K-Mount patterns and other familiar rigging hardware. Both the Frame and Block configurations of the Ossium Mounting System also help create the structure for various soft bag options coming down the pipeline. Quasar Science promises many more Ossium accessories to make rigging the lights simpler and easier. 

For more information, please visit the Quasar Science website.

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